about wanyakazi

wanyakazi means worker

While financial and political news, entertainment, and sports information are readily available throughout the world, media makers do not report truthful information about the struggles of workers and the poor against corporations, political forces, and other oppressive systems/institutions.


As workers, we have to produce our own media, to break down the global firewall, the blockade, and embargo on information about the workers and the poor. We have to learn the struggles of the oppressed classes in other countries and speak proudly of our struggle wherever we are. This is the role wanyakazi.us will play through this project. Wanyakazi houses first hand accounts of struggle from workers around the world, so that we can inform, education, and uplift each others’ realities.

Wanyakazi.us functions as a running newsfeed, curated to present the most up-to-date information about the people’s politics around the world. The front page links directly to magazines, journals, and newspapers by and for workers and poor people in every part of the world. Email the editors at [email protected] to submit leads and link to stories that need to be uplifted and broadcast. The back page, the synthesis, presents our editorial staff’s reflections and thoughts on the body of emerging knowledge that the stories represent, as a sign of the the increasingly transformative times.

Wanyakazi is kiswahili for “workers”.

All over the world, the poor, the landless, the small land owners, the indigenous, the farmers, the merchants, the unhoused, the artisans, the community workers, the unemployed, the partially employed, the employed and the unemployable are working just to survive and live life in the most basic sense, with some dignity.