wanyakazi means worker

to raise the common issues of the workers and the poor around the world.


Professor and politico, Dr. Greg Hicks writes about the dangers of the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in police surveillance, in a time when Black people all over the country and the world are struggling against state repression for liberation. From his time with the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, until today, Dr. Hicks has seen how the state’s commitment to surveillance and subterfuge have disrupted genuine attempts to win and actualise human rights.

arts & culture

We sit down with fashion designer, RayA Sacco, in her studio to talk about her business RAYA (which is rapidly taking off, selling out of runs in a matter of days) to talk high-fashion, upcycling, sustainability, and the need to slow down production and consumption to build businesses that last while helping to keep and recover waste that will otherwise destroy our place on the planet.

w/ Deon Jamar

This week’s in-depth feature is a music round-up from Detroit-born-and-raised DJ & Selector, Deon Jamar, just in time for the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit, the birthplace of Techno.


A Detroit bus struck and ran over an older woman with a disability right outside of the Guardian Building, home to County Government, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), and a slew of other government administrative officers, including those which focus on transportation.

in-depth feature

ENDEVR has produced a documentary titled ‘Killing Gaddafi” which exposes the broad propaganda campaign employed by Western Imperialists seeking to affect regime change in North Africa and limit the rise of a revolutionary regime that was determined to unite Africa, uplift the working class, and position Africa for increased self-determination on the global stage.

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